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pricelist/ services

Price is what you pay.

Value is what You get.

for sailors

-Restaurant/Bar visitor up to 2h/free

-Lenght of boat up to 13 m (42,5ft) 25 EUR / 24h

-up to 15 m (50 ft) 35 EUR / 24h

-up to 20 m (65ft) 45 EUR

-Lenght of boat over 20 m extra price 3,5 EUR / m

Grey water discarge - 10€  per boat

Bilge water discarge - 10€ + 1L - 1EUR

-Jetski, kayak, or other small watercraft 10€ / per night, exl. sauna.


*Prices include berthing, reasonable use of water (marina uses reverse osmosis water), reasonable use of electricity, waste disposal, shower, sauna, WC, Wi-Fi acces.

-Using boat slip 10€ / up and down

-Washing machine 5€ / per usage


*Long term stay negotiable with marina.

for campers

-Caravan up to 4 persons ( from 2 years) 20€ / per night

-electricity 3€

-Every extra person 5€ / per night

-Tenting 10€ / per person / per night / includes shower


-bycyle rent

-car rent

-boat rent

-canoe rent

-SUP board rent

-sailing trips

-sail and boat repairs

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