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our story

Everyone is more than what you see on the cover; 

we all run deep and have our story.

How to start one story. Like, once upon a time there was Me, Myself and I. Or once upon a time there was monkey who knows everybody, but nobody knows monkey.

Well, Ahoy. We are a family of four. Niklas as harbor master, Külli as a second harbor master and as a ´making everything beautiful` person around here, head chef in the kitchen, interior designer, projects writer and list goes on. And Sören and Emil who are still enjoying childhood and are not assigned to any jobs yet. So where do our story begin?

In the book it says that in 1933, a ship called “Willu” has made its way from Keiguste to Tallinn with goods. And that in 1937 a ship called “Grenen” has taken a new port to its voyage. Tallinn – Heltermaa- Virtsu - Kuivastu – Keiguste – Kuressaare. In 1939 the shipping lines are interrupted and the Russian Military base came here. In the soviet time Kõiguste was a fishing port. And point where to sell fish. But soon there were no men and no boats. And in came farming. They started to grow heifers. With the ending of Soviet time, the farming was closed in the beginning of 1990.

It was Niklas father John who bought the harbor in 1999. And started to build it up. It was a small yacht harbor. So that even Estonian biggest regatta called Moonsund was in here in 2003. But it was in 2005 when a big January storm destroyed a lot. Then the harbor left the family, because John was sick and many other things as life always brings us. Difficult times. 

But in 2009 Niklas bought the harbor back. And as he said himself. If his father would have not been here in the first place. He would not be here now. 


Niklas moved to Kõiguste first in 2011. Then she met Külli like in a proper love movie in 2012. And then they moved to the harbor, the little white house with a terrace at the beginning of the harbor site. 

In 2012 there was still only one bridge in the harbor. At that year there were 4-5 boats visiting the harbor. In the summer Niklas took away 30 truckloads of garbage away from the harbor. The old Marina houses were there, but they were in bad condition. So bad that when Niklas opened the door it fell off. When he stepped on the floor, he fell trough. Old John’s place was completely fallen in. Then the building were fixed up. We also did fix the electricity on the territory and fixed the water pumps. At that time the harbor was a snake paradise. The first one was the old sauna that were fixed up. And then we fixed the suvila. We even had sheep and horses here in the first summer. Made the old infra to work again.

In 2013 then we bought 24 m of old boat pontoons from Pärnu Yacht Marina. That was a very big thing for us. One of them is still standing infront of Suvila and one of them is the swimming pontoos.In 2013 Niklas and Külli moved away from harbor, about 324-337 m away. 

In 2014 we made lot of forrest around the harbor. And did a lot of fishing. And planned new and big plans for harbor. Nothing much happened, we started to develop projects.  And became member of Estonian Small Ports Development Center.


In 2016 our dear Sören was born. 


In 2017 came navigation marks in the sea. And beacon with signal sign 4S WL11. 

In 2018 came the new harbor pontoons. The whole new infrastructure, bioremediation,

water treatment plant, electricity and slip. And not last, our dear Emil was born.

In 2019 nothing much happened says Niklas. It was difficulties with building the new harbor house, and lot of procurement dispute. But we bought our famous smoke oven. And started to sell smoked perch. At the end of 2019 there was a big bang. And we started to build in the end of October. It was the third procurement that was luck for us.

In 2020 there was another big bang, corona. But we were ready with building at the end of May. But we pretty much worked ourselves sick, Külli in the kitchen. And Niklas everywhere outside.

In 2021 there has been a lot of fine tuning. Spring 2021 we got a new terrace around the house. We are developing the Marina Village, that Niklas father once started. Selling and buying land around the harbor. We are building another seaside cottage. And improving accommodation.


And making Kõiguste great again.



2012 – 4-5 german boats

2017 – 65 boats

2018 – 139 boats

2019 – 164 boats 

2020 – 124 boats (covid)

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