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kõiguste marina

58° 22’ 10’’ N 22° 58’ 1’’ E 

Depth: 3m

Max.LOA: 24m

Max.width: 10m

Number of berths: 45


Kõiguste Marina is situated in the south of Saaremaa – 

a day’s sail from Kihnu,




The marina offers sauna,

the popular bar “John’s Place”

and other facilities.

​!!!Sheltered from all direction with easy entry day and night. From 57°17.00’ N; 23°02,80’ E follow course 335.5°–155.5° towards Köiguste lighthouse (F1 W 4 s, 3 s dark, 1 s white) until 58°21.70’ N; 22°58.71’ E. From there head towards the gate around the small peninsula. The gate is marked with 2 green and 2 red lateral marks. Leave the peninsula to starboard and head towards the pontoons.

The last red lateral mark is at the end of pontoon No. 1.!!!


marina facilities


Interreg Central Baltic project Smartports

EST-LAT55  - Improvement of sailing infrastructure and yacht harbours network building in Estonia and Latvia

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