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If someone said, ‘Think of a happy place for you,' I'd say a glacial plane near the South Pole, the wind howling, nobody in sight, and some tea or then just take me to  John's place.

The first edition of John's place was founded in summer 2013. Second edition of John's place was built ready in spring 2020.

Why it is called that You might wonder. Let me give a quick walk down the memory lane. Let start with names. Niklas father was called John. Niklas also carries John in his names. Niklas and Külli childer also carry the name John. Blood is thicker than water. 

But it was midsummer night of 2013. It was the warmest. Water was 25 degrees. It was the Vanishing point sailing Team, nowdays called Port Artur Sailing Team that got together. There was alcohol involved. And sitting infront of the bar with no name, was a bit sad. So we went to the closest shed. Found a piece of wood and cut the name in to the wood. 

John's place. 

Fun fact. Old John's place is about 12 square meters. 

New John's place is about 150 square meters. 

John's Place is a little heaven here on earth. It is not just a bar. But it really has a soul of its own, with blue walls and ship as a bar counter, with sea view from every window, with a big fireplace that makes crispy autumn nights extra cosy.

It functions as a harbour office. And as a bar for sailors and campers and tourists. A restaurant. And as a event site, for birthday parties and weddings and so on.​

At the moment we are open only on summer season. We offer local and seasonal food. We don't have any specific meny. It more comes down to what fish we get that day and so on. See more info on daily offers on facebook.

As an event site we are able to seat ca 70 people. For weddings, funerals, birthdays, why not divorce parties. If You want to book it for an event, just write. 


Sneak peak.

More pictures coming soon!

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