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welcome to

Kõiguste marina

58° 22’ 10’’ N 22° 58’ 1’’ E 
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our story

The world is shaped by

two things -  

stories told

and the memories 

they leave behind.


Ahoy to You!  

We are glad that You found your way here.

To our little secret place, where summers are always a bit longer, conversations are a bit deeper, and hugs are a bit tighter.

We are Niklas and Külli with our children Sören and Emil. And we drive this beautiful harbor in Saaremaa.

We hope to bring You lot of smiles and memories.

kõiguste marina

58° 22’ 10’’ N 22° 58’ 1’’ E 

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, 

any wind is the right wind.

Depth: 3 m

Max. LOA: 24 m

Max. width: 10 m

Number of berths: 45



Kõiguste Marina is situated in the south of Saaremaa – a day’s sail from





The marina offers sauna,

the popular bar “John’s Place”,

and other facilities.

John's place

Take me to a place where doors are open. 

A lovely little place where no one's broken.


The first edition of John's place was founded in summer 2013. Second edition of John's place was built ready in spring 2020. ​

John's Place is a little heaven here on earth. It is not just a bar. But it really has a soul of its own, with blue walls and ship as a bar counter, with sea view from every window, with a big fireplace that makes crispy autumn nights extra cosy.

It functions as - 

a harbour office.

a bar for sailors and campers and tourists.

a restaraunt that is open on summer season. 

a event site, for birthday parties and weddings and so on.​

HOUSes to rent

Home is not where you are from, 

it is where you belong. 

Some of us travel the whole world to 

find it. 


We have some rentals properties at the harbor territory and close by. Perfect for small get aways. Nature all around with amazing bird song. Guaranteed sea views. Skinny dipping is allowed. 



making kõiguste
great again

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching

the joy of giving.

Help us to improve Kõiguste MArina!

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